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Only the images sent with this browser will be listed here. The informations are stored in localStorage: if you delete your localStorage data, you'll loose this informations.

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First steps

Framapic is a free (as in free speech) online service to share images in a confidential way.

  1. Paste the image to share
  2. If needed you can choose a delay of online availability.
  3. Then share the link with whoever you wish

Your images are encrypted and hosted on our server and we have no means to decrypt them

If you need help to use this program, here is a video tutorial courtesy of arpinux, a kind guide to newcomers on HandyLinux GNU/Linux distro.

The software

Framapic is derived from Lutim software created by Luc Didry.Liberapay button

Lutim is licensed under free AGPL license.

Original source of this theme Framapic is available on this repository of ours

Alternatively you can use Framapic as a standalone app:

Install webapp

Grow your own

If you want to contribute to development, patch or suggest improvements or simply download, just hop on Development site.

If you wish to install your own instance and be independent from the online service, we can help you on: